Phone Systems

On-Site Service Call $125/hr.
On-Site Emergency $187.50/hr.
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VOIP & PBX Phone Systems

Repair, expand & configure your office phone systems

Experienced with old and new office telephone systems

Alpha Computer Experience can handle all aspects of your home and business phone systems, telecommunications equipment, and phone/voice cabling. We work with telephone systems on-site and in the cloud. Whether you have an older PBX telephone system on your premise, or a VOIP cloud phone system, we provide excellent support every time to make sure your telephone systems are working.


VOIP Telephone System Repairs

Cloud-based voice-over-ip (VOIP) telephone systems rely on an internet connection to make and receive phone calls, rather than use traditional landlines for office phone systems. Ideal for startups, businesses, and home offices, VOIP phone systems provides access to advanced features, without having to invest in a complete phone system.

In addition, employees have the option of using their mobile smartphones to seamlessly transfer a call to/from an office phone. Other advanced features include automated receptionists, call queues, video conferencing, call recording, call forwarding, and other integrations.

All of this relies on an active internet connection, and if the internet goes down, the business or homeowner will be unable to make or receive phone calls. 

Below are a few common issues with VOIP telephone systems that we can repair:

PBX Telephone System Repairs

Private brand exchange (PBX) phone systems are the traditional phone systems which all equipment is owned by your business and is hosted on your premise. They work like VOIP phone systems in terms of having a wide variety of features. The hardware cost for a complete phone system of this type is significant and a downside for most. Ideally made for larger businesses with 40 or more employees.

Below are some common problems with PBX phone systems that we can repair:

New / Upgrade Outdated Phone System

If your business or home office has an aging telephone system that is no longer being manufactured, it may be time to upgrade your entire phone system to ensure reliability.

Save on costs and ensure stability with a new phone system. We install, setup, configure, and support complete VOIP and PBX telephone systems while also providing training for you and your staff. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Below are several features of newer phone systems:

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